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Beavers Community Primary School

Beavers Community Primary School

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Year 6 Newsletter

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Autumn 1

Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting our page. Over the past few weeks, the children have been settling into school and embracing the new challenges that come along with being in year 6.

We started off the academic year with a week of team building activities to help the children to develop their communication skills after spending six weeks apart. They got the chance to participate in many activities such as, bridge building, blindfold challenges and different art activities. It was great to see all the children getting involved.

What have the children enjoyed so far?

"Our geography lessons have been really interesting because we have been learning about the coasts and I have really enjoyed them very much." - Rochelle 

"I really like year 6 so far because  I've enjoyed being with a new teacher and having a fresh start." - Ilyanah 

"I really like year 6 because I can learn new things and we are the head of the school. I really like year 6 because our teacher is king. In year 6, I've enjoyed the mufti days because you can do really fun things that day and wear your own clothes." - Rachel 

"In year 6, so far I have enjoyed Project Achieve a lot. In Project Achieve, I have liked when we have done some acting because we get to work with other people and work together. I also liked when we did origami because it was a really fun experience and I think we should have more origami in Project Achieve. In P.E. I find it delightful when we work as a team to accomplish a task, but I feel if we do different sports such as badminton, it would be more enjoyable. The greater depth maths class is amazing. My teacher (Mr Romero) has taught us a lot of things and really challenges us." - Erin 

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