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Beavers Community Primary School

Beavers Community Primary School

Living, Learning, Laughing

Nursery Admission

Children start Nursery in the September following their third birthday and spend three school terms at nursery before starting primary school.

If your child was born between 1.09.2014 and 31.08.2015, they will be eligible for a place in September 2018.  Forms will be available from January 2018.

If your child was born between 1.09.2013 and 31.08.2014, they are eligible for a place in our current Nursery.  To apply, please call into the office for an application form or download it from here.

 The school follow the Admission criteria set by the local authority. The criteria is as follows:

  1. Looked After Children
  2. Medical/Social
  3. Siblings
  4. Distance inside the Priority Admission Area
  5. Distance outside the Priority Admission Area

Reception Admission

We are a London Borough of Hounslow Community School and the Local Authority is responsible for allocating school places. Applications for this school must be made online using e-admissions.

For information on how places are allocated to our reception class please see page 32 of our Starting School in Hounslow in September 2018 brochure.

For further details about the admissions process, please visit –

If you would like to visit the school, please come to one of our open sessions taking place on November 28th and 29th at 9.30am and 1.30pm.

In-Year Admissions

Some children join us from other local schools, from schools elsewhere in the UK or from overseas during the school year.  London Borough of Hounslow co-ordinate all in-year admissions to Beavers.

For further details about the in-year admissions process, please visit –