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Beavers Community Primary School

Beavers Community Primary School

Living, Learning, Laughing


Autumn 1 Newsletter 

Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting our page. Over the past few weeks, the children have been settling into school and embracing the new challenges that come along with being in year 6.

We started off the academic year with a week of team building activities to help the children to develop their communication skills after spending six weeks apart. They got the chance to participate in many activities such as, bridge building, blindfold challenges and different art activities. It was great to see all the children getting involved.

What have the children enjoyed so far?

"Our geography lessons have been really interesting because we have been learning about the coasts and I have really enjoyed them very much." - Rochelle 

"I really like year 6 so far because  I've enjoyed being with a new teacher and having a fresh start." - Ilyanah 

"I really like year 6 because I can learn new things and we are the head of the school. I really like year 6 because our teacher is king. In year 6, I've enjoyed the mufti days because you can do really fun things that day and wear your own clothes." - Rachel 

"In year 6, so far I have enjoyed Project Achieve a lot. In Project Achieve, I have liked when we have done some acting because we get to work with other people and work together. I also liked when we did origami because it was a really fun experience and I think we should have more origami in Project Achieve. In P.E. I find it delightful when we work as a team to accomplish a task, but I feel if we do different sports such as badminton, it would be more enjoyable. The greater depth maths class is amazing. My teacher (Mr Romero) has taught us a lot of things and really challenges us." - Erin 

Have a look at what else we've been up to.


Autumn 2 Newsletter 

Welcome back to our page.

What's new?

We've been extremely busy this half-term both inside and out of the classroom. On our first week back, it was STEM week throughout the school and the children got the chance to complete loads of practical lessons. They also participated in a STIXX workshop run by Jeremy King. He gave the children great insight into the possible careers in STEM and reminded them all about how STEM is for everyone.

In November, year 6 were invited to the dress rehearsal of the Christmas pantomime performance of Cinderella at Paul Robeson theatre. The children really enjoyed having the theatre all to themselves and took a few pointers of their end of year production.

What have the children enjoyed so far?

"I think that the heart dissection was more fun than I expected and it was successful. We couldn't have done it without the help of our teachers." - Ilyanah

"I enjoyed that we learnt about death punishments back in th past. I enjoy history. It is my favourite subject because it is fun." - Yusef

"During the STIXX workshop, I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed working as a team, making rods and learning new things." - Erin

"The STIXX workshop was a successful activity (for most people). We used a STIXX machine to make sticks made of 6 sheets of newspapers. There were 6 people and we had to make a shelter with the rods of newspapers and cable ties. It was very enjoyable." - Harmandeep

"What I liked about the STIXX workshop is that we used heavy machines to turn newspaper into sticks and they were as hard as steel. We used these sticks to make a shelter and we used team work. The one thing I learnt is that a triangle is the most sturdy shape." - Ismail

"I liked our geography lessons because we got to build sea defences because normally we have to do work in books, but this was fun." - Sheadon

"The pantomime was amazing because we got to see a live show in front of us and there were interactions. It is also sad because it is our last year, so we can't go." - Zakirah

"I really enjoyed singing 'All I Want for Christmas is You' with my class, and we got to take pictures with our parents after too." - Yuvraj


What are they proud of?

Here are a few children with work that they are really proud of.

Spring 1 Newsletter

What's new?

The past half-term has flown by really quickly. After the Christmas holidays, many of the children were happy to return to school to share what they got up to over the break. Over the past month, the children have completed two practice assessments and all classes are preparing for the end of key stage assessments.

What have the children enjoyed so far?

"I've enjoyed the experiments that we completed during our science lessons. I think these experiments are really interesting because at first they never make sense, so it's really fun." - Tymon

"I liked when we used a flashlight and shone it through a prism and different colours appeared through the sides." - Harman

"I liked when the author, Banji Alexander, visited because it really inspired me to become an author and I really love books. Banji has a good sense a humour. It was a fun visit." - Korede

"I enjoyed making a poster on Safer Internet Day and I learnt that you should never share photos with your location on because others might be able to see where you took it." - Edin

"I loved Children's Mental Health Week and all its activities. Especially the paper chains because it was really fun and exciting to design them with a variety of colours and designs." - Rinad

"Assessment week has been tough for me because I don't like test conditions, but I have been getting used to it. I've been finding the tests a little easier and I'm starting to understand it more." - Yuvraj

What are they proud of?



Spring 2 Newsletter 

What's new?

Once again, this half-term has flown by really quickly. We have been doing a lot of preparation for their upcoming SATs and trying to include a few fun activities to keep the children relaxed. 

What have the children enjoyed so far?

Arts week was an extremely enjoyable experience. We constructed our chairs throughout the week and we were left with some interesting results. Surrealism was a big part of Arts week in general, but there were some other normal experiences such as, when a storyteller reenacted the tale of Alice in Wonderland. Overall, this week was eventful and a great experience. - Manreet

In year 6, we have been making chairs in the style of surrealism. Surrealism art is very creative and enjoyable. It is when you create a strange or unusual piece of work. - Fabrizio

We were visited by a team of scientists and they showed us how to create our LED magnets using a 3V battery. I enjoyed making it because they explained it really well and it was quite tricky to make. - Jack

In my reading tuition sessions, I have learnt a lot of new skills and top tips about how to quickly get answers from the text. It was fascinating to learn. - Ismail 

I've enjoyed how fun art and computing have been. I really enjoyed making the puppets and sets based on a scene in Alice in Wonderland. - Alaa

When we went to Sky studios, with Hope Church, I was shocked as soon as I entered. My mouth dropped with excitement so I found it really cool and exciting. When we made the video, I thought that it was really fun. It was a newsreport based on climate change and I was the reporter and got to keep my video. - Megan

I recently found out what secondary school I'm going to and I'm looking forward to it, but I will miss primary school. - Korede

In arts week, we had a lot of fun exploring surrealism. We danced and also transformed chairs into mythical creatures. Our main topic was Alice in Wonderland. Making the chairs was stressful, but fun at the same time. We used materials like mudroc, cardboard and more. It's sad that arts week came to an end, but it's a good thing that we can cherish this memory. - Sama

My favourite part of this half-term was learning the dance to Alice in Wonderland since it was in the style of ballet and I don't really like ballet, but I liked learning the style of this dance because it had a lot of actions to it and I like to challenge myself. - Tiago

We recently visited St Mary's University in Twickenham and we got to use special machines to test our leg strength. I enjoyed having the tests with the wires attached to me so that I could find out more about my blood flow. I look forward to visiting again. - Romaine

What are they proud of?